Southwest Trailer Rentals launches trailer inspection service at U.S/Mexico border crossings

SAN DIEGO, CA.,July 14, 2011-SWTL has announced a new service to US, Canadian and Mexican carriers to inspect and document the condition of their trailers before and after a border crossing. This will help carriers verify compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, a key part of legislation–and a concern for the driving public. Carriers face delays and potential fines if their trailers are inspected at the border and not found in compliance with DOT regulations.

If repairs are warranted, SWTL service units can also complete the work promtly and get the trailer back into service and avoid fines and ensuing delays.

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Which is more cost effective for you, spring or air-ride?

It is commonly thought that air-ride suspended trailers are superior to spring-ride trailers due to the functionality and diversity of freight that you can carry with an air-ride trailer. While it is important to have air-ride when you are carrying light and sensitive loads, but there is actually no difference in air-ride vs. spring-ride when carrying over 44,000 lbs. Considering that the national average for freight loads is over 44,000lbs, a spring-ride trailer is in no way inferior. Additionally, spring-ride dry vans cost less to maintain than an air-ride, as well as weighing 350lbs. less. Lb. per lb. a spring-ride trailer will save you money in the long run. So, the next time your customer insists on an air-ride trailer, explain to him/her, that money will be saved by going spring.

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Southwest Trailer Rentals National Accounts

A benefit of establishing a national account is the coordinating of trailer rentals for you throughout our system. One phone call, and trailers can be located, reserved and prepared for your rental needs. We offer great flexibility in handling your national account. Whether you prefer to handle rate negotiations on a local or corporate level, we will establish your national account based on those needs.
Other benefits include:
*consistency in billing
*equipment choice
*insurance cert obligations
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Arrendamiento vs. Compra

Con nuestros planes de arrendamiento, podran definir adecuadamente su estategia de activos y obtener la flexibilidad operativa que necesita Ud.

Principales beneficios:
Sustitucion recurrente con equipo nuevo.
Mezcla adecuada en el tipo de equipo.
Plazos de un dia hasta aƱos.
Mejor relacion entre activos y ventas.
Evitar venta de unidades al final de su vida util.
Diferentes opciones de mantenimiento sin necesidad de mecanicos y talleres.

Advantages of Leasing vs. Buying

While it may seem to be in your best interest to buy trailers for your fleet, here are some other things to think about in regards to the advantages of leasing:
Cost control (predicatable) and budgeting.
Improved cash flow.
Accounting and tax treatment.
Inventory when and when you do not need it.
Maintenance costs.
Renewable fleet.
Cash not tied up in a sitting fleet.

If you need to meet and manage seasonal demands, avoid fleet obsolescence or simply experiment with new equipment, Southwest Trailer Leasing offers you a convenient way to expand your options. Our inventory is available for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rental. Call us today for a personized quotation.