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Which is more cost effective for you, spring or air-ride?

It is commonly thought that air-ride suspended trailers are superior to spring-ride trailers due to the functionality and diversity of freight that you can carry with an air-ride trailer. While it is important to have air-ride when you are carrying light and sensitive loads, but there is actually no difference in air-ride vs. spring-ride when carrying over 44,000 lbs. Considering that the national average for freight loads is over 44,000lbs, a spring-ride trailer is in no way inferior. Additionally, spring-ride dry vans cost less to maintain than an air-ride, as well as weighing 350lbs. less. Lb. per lb. a spring-ride trailer will save you money in the long run. So, the next time your customer insists on an air-ride trailer, explain to him/her, that money will be saved by going spring.

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